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825 East McKellips Road Unit#1 Tempe AZ 85281  

About Mizz Lucy Morals
Headmistress Studio VaVaVoom

Director, VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance Collective

Mizz Lucy began her dance journey in 1999 with bellydance. She began teacher training in 2003 and in 2004 Lucy became certified to teach Domba Tribal Style, thus began her love of teaching. In 2007, upon founding Romantasy Cabaret, Lucy began studying burlesque. Some of her early teachers include Satan's Angle, Scandalesque, Princess Farhana. Michelle Manx, and lots and lots of research. She also began studying body physiology to teach a safer dance practice. In 2008 she began teaching burlesque and she continues to dabble in learning other dance styles to help her students to be more well-rounded performers. A good teacher is one who continues to push themselves to become better instructors, dancers and performers. Mizz Lucy is also the director, producer and emcee for Romantasy Cabaret and Hanky Panky Revue in Phoenix Arizona. Romantasy Cabaret


"Such great energy! Most definitely a judge-free zone. I've never seen so many women be so loving & supportive of one another! The classes offered are incredibly empowering. They really teach you to love what you see in the mirror. Life changing stuff.. ❤️ ~Marsha D. Tempe AZ

"A very cozy studio not to mention the instructors are so kind, patient and love what they are doing! I recommend this place to anyone who is interested in dancing, a work out or a hobby!" ~Chelsie D. Mesa AZ

"Oozing with good vibes and positive energy. A place for friendship, fun and a healthy dose of sass! My HAPPY space :)" ~Alyssa P Scottsdale AZ

"Incredibly welcoming and accepting space - a 2nd home for time dedicated entirely to yourself, dancing and friends. ♥" ~Jacqui S. Phoenix AZ

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